Father’s Day Keepsake Gifts – Printable


Celebrate Father’s Day with our ‘Father’s Day Keepsake Gifts – Printable’ bundle. Kids can choose from fun illustrations like rockets, lions, guitars, and more to create personalized handprint or footprint gifts. Download now to create a cherished keepsake for dad!

Celebrate Father's Day with our 'Father's Day Keepsake Gifts - Printable' bundle, designed to create memorable and heartfelt gifts that dads will cherish forever. This printable set is perfect for kids to personalize their gifts with their own handprints or footprints, adding a unique and sentimental touch.

This bundle includes a variety of fun illustrations that children can choose from, such as a rocket, a lion, an acoustic or electric guitar, a hammer, a golf ball, a dinosaur, a superhero, a shoe print, and more. Each template is designed to incorporate a handprint or footprint, making it a truly special keepsake.

Instructions for creating these keepsakes are simple and easy to follow. First, print out the templates. Then, using paint or a stamp pad, help your child create their handprint or footprint on the illustration. Once the prints are added, use a marker to complete any additional details if needed. Allow the artwork to dry, and you’ll have a beautiful, personalized gift ready to present to dad.

These keepsake gifts are perfect for Father's Day and provide a fun, creative activity for kids. They also make great classroom projects or home crafts that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Give a gift that captures a moment in time and creates a lasting memory with our 'Father's Day Keepsake Gifts - Printable' bundle.


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