Father’s Day Slider Card – Printable


Celebrate Father’s Day with our ‘Father’s Day Slider Card – Printable.’ This fun activity lets kids build a unique card that reveals a heartfelt message when you pull the tab. Download today for a memorable gift!

Celebrate Father's Day with a unique and interactive gift using our 'Father’s Day Slider Card - Printable.' This delightful activity allows kids to cut, build, and personalize a special card for their dad. The printable includes easy-to-follow instructions for creating a fun and engaging slider card that will bring a smile to any dad's face.

Children will start by cutting out the card components and assembling the pieces as per the instructions. Once built, the card features a pull tab mechanism that makes the illustrated kid run towards their dad for a hug, revealing a sweet and heartfelt message. Kids can write additional messages around the card, including on the inner side, to add a personal touch.

This creative activity not only provides a fun crafting experience for kids but also results in a memorable and thoughtful gift that dads will cherish. The 'Father’s Day Slider Card - Printable' is a perfect way for children to express their love and appreciation in a unique and interactive way.

Download this printable today and let your child create a one-of-a-kind Father’s Day card that will leave a lasting impression. It's an ideal project for kids to showcase their creativity and heartfelt sentiments.


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