Handprint Flower Card – Printable


Create heartfelt Mother’s Day gifts with our ‘Handprint Flower Card – Printable.’ Print, cut, and assemble for a personal touch mom will love.

Add a personal touch to your Mother's Day celebrations with our 'Handprint Flower Card - Printable,' a heartfelt and creative way to express love and appreciation. This printable offers two delightful activities, both perfect for crafting a special gift for mom or any maternal figure.

The first activity involves printing the templates provided and carefully cutting along the dotted lines. Use paint or a stamp pad to create handprints on the designated area. Once dry, share the handprint flower card as a heartfelt and personalized gift that mom will treasure.

For the second activity, take and print a picture imitating the pose from the provided reference image. Have the kid stretch their arm as if holding a flower. Then, color and cut the bouquet illustration and stamp your kid's handprints using washable non-toxic paint on separate white sheets. Paint the base of your canvas or use cardstock as a base. Paste the picture of your kid and assemble the flower, creating a heartwarming scene that captures the love and bond between parent and child.

Download and print this printable today to create a meaningful and memorable gift for Mother's Day that celebrates the special relationship between mother and child.


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