The 5 Senses – Fun Printable


This 5 senses activity printable has 2 different versions for ways your kiddo can play with the 5 senses!

The first 2 pages provide instructions on how you can make this activity into a DIY puzzle (like we did!). Using cardboard for your puzzle pieces and board is a fun way to make a learning resource your kiddo can use time and time again without having to spend a bunch of money on the store bought option!

As an alternative, we’ve also included a worksheet where kids can simply match the 5 senses on the page itself. We understand that grown ups get busy, so definitely wanted to included an option for those who may not have the time to create the full DIY version.

"The 5 Senses - Fun Printable" activity, featuring two exciting versions that will engage and educate your child about the five senses.

This printable provides two options for interactive play. The first version includes detailed instructions on how to transform the activity into a DIY puzzle. By using cardboard for puzzle pieces and a board, you can create a cost-effective learning resource that can be used repeatedly. This hands-on approach fosters creativity and resourcefulness while ensuring your child has a personalized learning experience.

For those seeking a convenient alternative, we have also included a worksheet where children can match the five senses directly on the page. This option is perfect for busy grown-ups who may not have the time to create the full DIY version. It offers a hassle-free way for children to explore and understand the concept of the five senses.

Both versions of the activity encourage children to develop their cognitive skills and enhance their understanding of how their senses work. By engaging in this interactive experience, your child will gain a deeper appreciation for sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.

Download "The 5 Senses - Fun Printable" today to provide your child with an entertaining and educational activity that stimulates their senses. Whether they choose the DIY puzzle or the worksheet option, they are sure to have a delightful time while learning about the incredible world of their senses.

Unlock the potential for discovery and imagination with this engaging printable. Start your child's sensory adventure today!


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