Large Colorful Wooden Blocks by 7 Days of Play

What’s better than large wooden blocks to inspire open ended play and spark imaginations? Large wooden blocks that are also vibrantly colorful!

You ever wonder why most preschools have big unit blocks? It’s because this single toy, provides so many benefits for children!

From mathematics, to problem solving, fine and gross motor skills, social and emotional growth, creativity, and science to name a few!

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Make learning your ABCs fun and exciting with these hands on activities!


Channel your inner Picasso with these totally do-able and beautiful arts and crafts projects!


Playful activities on a budget that will build the foundation of your kiddo’s math journey!


Lots of fun ways to strengthen those little, but mighty muscles in the fingers and hands!


Immerse all the senses while exploring the many benefits of sensory play!


From simple experiments to making slime, these projects are cheap, quick & easy to set up!

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