Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To – Printable


Master the skill of comparing numbers with our Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To – Printable. This interactive activity is designed to help children understand the important symbols that represent greater than, less than, and equal to.

Download this printable and embark on a journey of number comparison. The set includes engaging alligator-themed symbols that add a playful element to the learning experience. Children will develop a solid understanding of how to compare numbers using these symbols, fostering mathematical reasoning and critical thinking skills.

In addition to the alligator-themed symbols, this printable also includes number flash cards. These flashcards offer hands-on practice in recognizing and comparing numbers, reinforcing the concept of number comparison in a fun and interactive way.

For a more tactile and engaging experience, be sure to check out our DIY version of this activity. Our DIY version incorporates additional sensory elements to enhance the learning process and make it even more enjoyable for children.

By engaging with this printable, children will gain confidence in comparing numbers, reinforcing their understanding of numerical relationships. This activity fosters mathematical fluency, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills, setting a strong foundation for future math concepts.

Download the Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To – Printable today and unlock the world of number comparisons for your child. Watch as they become proficient in identifying and using the symbols to compare numbers. This printable is an excellent resource for building math skills and fostering a love for learning in a playful and interactive manner.

This printable is all about the skill of comparing numbers, and learning the important symbols that signify greater than, less than, and equal to. This printable not only comes with the alligator-themed symbols, but you'll also get number flash cards! If you like this, you have to check out our fun and tactile DIY version of this activity!


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