Large Colorful Wooden Blocks by 7 Days of Play


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65 pieces • 17 shapes • Ages 3 years +

What’s better than large wooden blocks to inspire open ended play and spark imaginations? Large wooden blocks that are also vibrantly colorful!

You ever wonder why most preschools have big unit blocks? It’s because this single toy, provides so many benefits for children! From mathematics, to problem solving, fine and gross motor skills, social and emotional growth, creativity, and science to name a few!

Creating this beautiful set of large colorful wooden blocks emerged from my children’s love of playing with their daddy’s old, plain, wooden, unit blocks that he had since he was a child. It was immediately evident that playing with them was an immersive experience — one that catered to independent, parallel, and cooperative play that could last hours.

But there was one important thing missing from their daddy’s old collection – a pop of color! I quickly discovered the reality that a wooden block set of this size incorporating a beautifully stained color simply didn’t exist and knew I had take matters into my own hands!

So here you have it! 7 Days of Play’s first toy for your kiddo to enjoy! There are 65 pieces, in 6 colors, featuring 17 different shapes. They are sized to the traditional standard 1 3/8″ x 2 ¾” x 5 ½” unit block that have been widely used in schools for the last century.

Materials: Blocks are made with FSC certified soft maple wood and plywood, and are finished with water-based non-toxic materials. Due to how the color is stained on the wood, sets may vary.

How many blocks sets will you have available this year?
We have an extremely limited number of sets being created this year, a total of 100 sets to be exact. Our plan in 2022 is to continue manufacturing and get these beautiful blocks in as many homes and schools as we can!

Warning: Keep away from small children under the age of three. Blocks are heavy and may cause injury if accidentally toppled or thrown.

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