Add the Hair – Fun Printable for Kids


Engage children in a hands-on and visual approach to learning addition with our Add the Hair – Fun Printable! This exciting activity provides a dynamic and interactive way to explore simple addition concepts.

Using loose parts as “hair,” children can add the numbers displayed on the people’s shirts in this printable. The hands-on nature of this activity not only makes learning addition enjoyable but also enhances their understanding of mathematical operations.

For younger kids who are just starting to count and recognize numbers, we have a special printable called Count the Hair. It offers a simplified version of the activity, perfect for building foundational numeracy skills.

The versatility of this printable allows for creative exploration. Loose parts can range from pasta, pipe cleaners, sticks, straws, ribbon, pegs, and more. Encourage children to experiment with different materials and engage their fine motor skills as they add the loose parts to the characters.

By solving math problems displayed on the people’s t-shirts, children practice addition while fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This activity promotes numerical fluency and boosts confidence in math.

Download Add the Hair – Fun Printable for Kids today and unlock the joy of learning through hands-on exploration. Watch as children eagerly solve math problems and engage in meaningful play with loose parts. Strengthen their mathematical foundation while encouraging creativity and fine motor skills. Get ready for an exciting and educational adventure with this captivating printable!

This printable is a hands on and visual way to learn simple addition! Use loose parts as hair to add the numbers on the people's shirts! For younger kids who are just beginning to count and recognize numbers, don't miss our Count the Hair printable! Loose parts can be pasta, pipe cleaners, sticks, straws, ribbon, and pegs, to name a few!


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