Number Cards 1-20 – Fun Printable


Number Cards 1-20 – Fun Printable. This printable set of number cards covers numbers 1 through 20. Each card is filled with different objects to count and then locate and recognize them.

Explore the world of numbers with our captivating and educational printable set, "Number Cards 1-20." This comprehensive collection features individual cards for numbers 1 through 20, each adorned with vibrant images of various objects to count and recognize. From dinosaurs and marine creatures to coins and musical instruments, these cards not only keep children engaged but also expand their vocabulary through interactive learning.

Each card provides an exciting opportunity for children to practice counting and identifying numbers. They'll immerse themselves in the colorful illustrations, counting the corresponding objects and locating the correct number. This hands-on approach strengthens their number recognition skills while fostering a deeper understanding of numerical concepts.

For added durability and versatility, we recommend laminating the cards. This transforms them into sturdy tools that can be used with clothespins, allowing children to clip the matching number. Moreover, laminating makes the cards erasable, enabling the use of dry erase markers for writing and wiping clean. Even in the face of spills or stickiness, these cards are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring long-lasting usability.

If your child is in the early stages of number writing, our traceable number cards are a valuable resource to consider. These cards provide guided practice, allowing children to trace each number and develop their writing skills alongside number recognition.

Open the door to numerical exploration and vocabulary expansion with our "Number Cards 1-20" printable set. Engage your child's curiosity and foster a love for numbers as they count, recognize, and interact with the vibrant images on each card. Whether used at home or in a classroom setting, these cards provide an enriching learning experience that lays a strong foundation for mathematical development.

If your kiddo is starting to write their numbers, don't miss our traceable number cards!


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