Personalized Valentine’s Day Card – Printable


Express your love with our ‘Personalized Valentine’s Day Card – Printable’ Add a real rose stem for a stunning 3D effect. A unique and heartfelt way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Make this Valentine's Day truly special with this Personalized Valentine's Day Card - a unique and heartfelt way to express your love. Crafted with creativity and sentimentality in mind, this printable card offers a memorable twist on traditional greetings.

Begin your crafting adventure by taking a picture imitating the pose from the provided reference image (with your child's arm stretched forward as if holding a rose). Print the picture, and next, personalize the card by utilizing these free printable stickers to decorate the photo card. Write the sender's name in the designated blank area below the "your friend" sticker. Cut out the stickers and paste them onto the printed picture.

The magic unfolds as you add a real rose, a lollipop or something with a thin stem or stick to create a stunning 3D effect. Using an exacto knife, carefully cut holes at the designated spots above and below the hand on the printed picture. Then, weave the real rose stem through the holes, bringing your Valentine's Day card to life with a touch of nature's beauty.

This interactive and personalized Valentine's Day card is sure to touch the heart of your loved one. Download and print this card today, and embark on a crafting journey that adds a unique and memorable touch to your Valentine's Day greetings.


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